Updated 9-13-2020

A Note from the Director

Hello Everyone!


As we step into fall - and now hearing the news of our Governer’s updates on indoor

fitness facilities - my heart leaps with joy to hear that things are finally starting to slowly move in a positive direction!


Please know that as the owner of a small business, I am carefully and diligently working

to achieve and maintain a sustainable business plan for the future success of the dance studio, staff and its wonderful dancing families.


Though I want nothing more than to be able to provide some sort of “normal” in our

dancers' lives right now, I must remain patient and forward thinking as there is still so much

uncertainty ahead of us regarding this pandemic. It’s important to understand that working to

re-open a small business under such limiting restrictions, there are many legitimate points and variables to consider in order to operate successfully alongside a pandemic.

Now, I feel, is especially a critical time for businesses such as TNS to be carefully cautious after such an abrupt and unexpected mandated closure that has and could potentially continue to economically affect my small business and so many others across our county, state and nation.


At this time, the doors of TNS will remain closed, as I work towards a viable solution for

the future of my studio. I will examine all options to proceed forward once our community

reaches a safe and sustainable Phase 3 or 4 according to the governor’s reopening plan. The

future success of The Next Step Dance Studio is not something that I take lightly. This is painful for me to have to endure and after 12 years of working so passionately and incredibly hard, I want nothing more than to see it continue on a successful path.


Thank you all again and again for your continued support and love for The Next Step Dance Studio!


All my love, respect and gratitude,

Miss Becca

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